Jesse Moshe Shore
Jesse Moshe Shore
NY, United States
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I am completing my dual major in psychology and philosophy. Though I intend on fashioning one of those two studies into a career, I also love music. I like to sing and make music as a serious hobby. I am in several a cappella groups and I love to sing and play my guitar in the NYC subway. The song I chose is my own rendition of Nachamu. Nachamu is a selection of verses from Isaiah, attempting to convey God's desire to comfort Israel nationally and spiritually. I felt that the music I put to Isaiah's words compliment this sentiment.
The contest will take place in: France & Mexico during November !!
The upcoming Hallelujah program will take place in Israel in July-August 2015. From the 2013 Local Contest in Ukraine The North America Contest that was in LA and the online auditions received, the Hallelujah Team of Judges have chosen  singers  to participate in the Hallelujah 2015 contest in Israel.