Dov Hoschander
Dov  Hoschander
NY, United States
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Whats up! My name is Dov Hoschander and I live in New York City. Singing is my life. Whether for personal and professional purposes I never stop. I dream of becoming the next Jewish pop super star. This contest seems like an awesome fit for me and it would be an honor to participate. I recorded Jason Mraz's song, I Wont Give Up, after hearing it in the car radio a day ago. I knew it would be perfect to submit as my entry for this contest. I also took some liberties with the lyrics to try and make them a bit more personal. It was fun making it, and I hope you all enjoy.

New Hebrew Song:
The contest took place in France & Mexico during November 2014.
El proximo concurso de Hallelujah se llevara a cabo en agosto 2014 en Israel. Del concurso local en Ukrania en el 2013 y de las audiciones recibidas en nuestra pagina de Internet, los jueces de Hallelujah eligieron a 24 cantantes para formar parte del concurso de Hallelujah 2014 en Israel. Quedan pocos lugares disponibles!