Hallelujah 2012: Global Singing Contest frogi.com | 7 August 2012

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Replicating the success: Hallelujah 2012, the global singing competition for Jewish youth will take place for the second time in a row.

Thirty young people representing Jewish communities around the world will compete in the competition and the final itself will be held in Ramat Hasharon on Saturday, August 18, 2012.

Panel of judges, headed by Yoram Gaon include many first-rate musicians, including: Yehuda Eder, Nathan Goshen, Dudu Fisher, Zahi Halevy, Yoram Tahar, Yair Shragai, Amikam Kimelman, and will determine the future of young singers.

Final event will include a live performance before an audience. The singer that wins first place will record a new song which will be released to radio stations in Israel and Jewish radio stations worldwide. Among other things, he or she is also expected to leave impressions in Jewish communities around the world.

Unlike "A Star Is Born" and "The Voice", this global poetry contest for young people looking for the next Jewish Star. As mentioned, the competition began back in 2011 after twenty years of intermission.

This unique project is supported by the Municipality of Ramat Hasharon and the World Zionist Organization, The Education and Youth Corps in the IDF, Birthright, MASA, and radio and television stations in Israel and around the world.

Yoram Gaon chairman of the organization "Meitar" which fosters Hebrew Songs among the Jewish people, said the competition is "more than just a show. The participants come from around the world for three to Israel and sing here but also some of these young people return to Israel as new immigrants or become ambassadors of goodwill all over the world.

The contest took place in France & Mexico during November 2014.
El proximo concurso de Hallelujah se llevara a cabo en agosto 2014 en Israel. Del concurso local en Ukrania en el 2013 y de las audiciones recibidas en nuestra pagina de Internet, los jueces de Hallelujah eligieron a 24 cantantes para formar parte del concurso de Hallelujah 2014 en Israel. Quedan pocos lugares disponibles!