Hallelujah 1992-1994

In 1992, Eitan Gafni the creator and current director of Hallelujah, wanted to find the way to create a stronger connection between Jews in the diaspora and Israel. As a recognized Israeli music producer, his experience had showed him that music has the power to unite people. As an Israeli he knew Hebrew is the only thing that connects Jews around the world.


The contestants in Hallelujah not only get the chance to visit Israel, get closer to their Jewish heritage and sing in Hebrew, but also learn the meaning of the words that they are singing, a challenge which forms a link between them and the song. Eitan believes that the story of the Israeli people can be told through their musical culture, and includes in the contest Israeli songs that are the roots of this growing nation.


20 years ago, without today’s technology, Eitan had problems finding contestants. The Hallelujah Global Jewish Singing Contest ran for three years between 1992-1994, until 2011 when Gafni decided to take advantage of modern media and promote the contest again.




Playlist of old archived materials from 1992-1994