Hallelujah in the Jewish Community in Mexico Foro Judio | 5 June 2012

This year, Hallelujah Israel teamed up with the Jewish Community in Mexico City and created a Local Contest.

The Contest took place at 8:30pm on June 2, 2012 in the Isaac and Rebeca Saba Auditorium at the Maguen David Hebrew School. The event, holding an audience of 400 people, among them members of the community and youth movements, was a big success!

Hallelujah Mexico is proad to be the first Hallelujah Contest created outside of Israel and Foro Judio was present, reporting the event.

Foro Judio is an online magazine about Jewish life, its culture, current events, community and tradition in Mexico and the world.

Here's a video from the Online Magazine, "Foro Judio" that gives us a peak at this special event

Here's another video provided by Foro Judío which takes us to the last minutes before the contest and introduces all the contestants of Hallelujah Mexico 2012!