About Meitar



Meitar, the ideology behind Hallelujah, was established for the purpose of creating "musical sound" contact between Israel and the Diaspora, which in the past years of far-reaching assimilation, has become increasingly weakened.


The Jewish world today is in a state of conflict. There is the feeling that it has lost its way. Israel no longer plays a major role in the Jewish world, certainly not in the lives of the new generation that was not alive during the Holocaust or the heroic years of the establishment of the State of Israel. For this generation, Israel is not a focal point or a spiritual center.

The desire to involve youth and to strengthen their ties with Israel was the idea behind the founding of Meitar, whose main aim is to create a cultural dialogue between Israel and the Diaspora. Its basic assumption is that the State of Israel should play again a central role in the lives of Jews in the Diaspora, since they constitute one of its limbs and a string in its violin (the literal meaning of Meitar is a String of a musical instrument).

Lovers of Israeli music in Israel and abroad possess a common language that can help foster cultural ties between them. While important cultural values of the past have become alien to the younger generation, literature, theater, music, plastic arts, and ­ Israeli light music have grown in popularity. The influence of light music on our cultural, material, moral, linguistic and national values is growing ­ no other cultural field has made such a deep impression.

The Israeli music is the story of the birth and revival, maturity and culture of the State of Israel. Meitar is in the opinion that time has come to raise intellectual, organizational, financial and cultural resources to fulfill the following aims:

  • To strengthen cultural, educational and social ties between all segments of the Jewish People.
  • To initiate activities in the subject of Hebrew songs, to cement ties between those working in the field and organize a "Hebrew Song Center" to raise the status of Israeli songs.
  • To promote the 'export of Israeli songs to the Jewish world in the Diaspora, and include them in Jewish Education and the cultural life of the community, especially that of Jewish youth, in the knowledge that Israeli songs, like popular music, can be quickly assimilated into every Jewish home and heart throughout the world

Meitar is convinced that the "Israeli song" can penetrate every Jewish heart and every Jewish home any where in the world.

One most important objective is to consolidate the position of the State of Israel as the world cultural center of the Jewish people and Jerusalem as its eternal Capital.