Volunteer Teams

Artistic Council

  • Yehoram Gaon - Yehoram Gaon is the Chairman of the Artistic Council of Hallelujah and of the Meitar Asociation. He is also the Israeli Prize Laureate for Music.
  • Yehuda Eder - Musical Producer and Director of Rimon School
  • Yair Shragai - Musician and Musical Producer
  • Amikam Kimelman - President of Rimon School


Public Council 

  • Tzahi Gavrieli Adv.- Co-founder of Hallelujah. Mr. Gavrieli was advisor for former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Binymin Netanyahu and partner in the establishment of MASA-Israel Journey.
  • Malka Shvadron - Director of Meitar and Leading guide at Beit Hatfutsot, the Museum of the Jewish People
  • Dr. Shlomi Ravid - Director Center for Jewish Peoplehood Education
  •  Taglit Birthright Israel
  •  IDF Education Corps
  •  Masa Israel
  • Irit Kfir Frommer, Boris Belodubrovsky – NATIV
  • Kali Cohen - Jewish Agency for Israel
  • Danny Zonstien, Ami Mahal  - Ministry for Foreign Affairs
  • Lior Horev. Adv - Legal Advisor
  • Guy Seemann - Youth Strategic Advisor
  • Boris Schindler - Russian Speakers Advisor
Congratulations to Maria Kacav, the winner of Hallelujah Kiev, who will be part of the 30 participants to compete in the Final Hallelujah Contest in Israel taking place in December 2013.