Frequently Asked Questions

What type of video clip do I have to record?

You need to record a homemade video clip and in front of a home video camera accompanied by one instrument like guitar or piano, or without an accompaniment. The video clip cannot be filmed and recorded in a studio or in a live performance. It cannot be a video recording of a live concert or a song recording done in a studio. Do not sing through a microphone.


Can I sing in another language that is not Hebrew or sing a song in Hebrew which is not in the song list or?

In the first stage of registration, you can send us a video clip sung in the language of your choice. If you received a notification that you passed to the second stage 2, you must sing a song in Hebrew taken from the song list.


If you are among the 30 contestants that are invited to Israel you need to send 3 options of Hebrew songs (in order of preference), preferably from the song list, the first one can be chosen from outside the list but needs to be approved by Hallelujah. If we do not approve it, we will take into consideration your second choice.


If I am younger or older by a few days from the required age of participation am I still able to apply to Hallelujah 2013?

If you are not 18 by the time the Hallelujah program in Israel begins, we invite you to apply next year. If you are 31 or older by  the time the Hallelujah program in Israel begins, we apologize, but you are not able to participate in Hallelujah. Please spread the word about the contest to your family and friends.

Who sponsors my ticket to Israel?

According to the Terms & Conditions, your ticket is sponsored by the Jewish Community / Organization or paid by you. In case you are not familiar with a Jewish organization in your area, please contact us, we might be able to get you in contact with one.


Can I arrive to Israel after the start date of the Hallelujah 2013 program?
If you are among the 30 contestants that are invited to Israel and you are not able to arrive on the start date of the Hallelujah 2013 program, you have to explain the reasons (preferable with proof), specify your date of arrival and wait for our approval. If we don’t approve, you have to arrive on the date mentioned or to withdrawal yourself form the Hallelujah contest.


Who pays for my expenses in Israel?

According to what is written in the Terms & Conditions, Hallelujah will cover all your expenses (accommodation, food, trips through Israel, and medical insurance).


Do I get health insurance?

In case you are chosen among the 30 contestants that will travel to Israel, you will need to fill in a Health Declaration and will be insurance during your stay in Israel as part of the Hallelujah program. This insurance will not cover pre-existing conditions.


What do I have to bring to Israel?

The contest usually takes place during the summer time in Israel and it is very hot during this time of the year. Please bring light comfortable clothes. We also need to bring:

-         Sunblock lotion

-         Mosquito repellant

-         Sunglasses

-         Cellphone

-         Enough supply of medicines - you will not be able to get a prescription in Israel in case you need more.

-         Closed shoes and clothes suitable for performing in front of a television camera (in color and appearance adapted  for performances).


Will I have free time during the program in Israel?

Yes, you will have free time according to the Hallelujah program


Where will I stay?

During the Hallelujah program in Israel, all the participants will be provided accomodation.


Will I get help learning the song in Hebrew?
Yes, there will be professional trainers in the areas of song, voice, diction, and language helping you prepare your song performance.


Do I have to stay in Israel as part of the Hallelujah contest in case that I am not chosen as one of the 12 finalists?

Yes, at this point you are part of the Hallelujah program. Hallelujah is not only about winning a contest, it is about exploring Israel, learning Hebrew, meeting and mingling with Jewish singers from all over the world and with Israeli youth. You are also taking part of the final contest broadcast by National TV singing the Hallelujah anthem.

The contest took place in France & Mexico during November 2014.
The upcoming Hallelujah program will take place in Israel in July-August 2015. From the 2013 Local Contest in Ukraine The North America Contest that was in LA, the winners of the contests in Mexico & France and the online auditions received, the Hallelujah Team of Judges have chosen  singers  to participate in the Hallelujah 2015 contest in Israel.