How it Works

Who's Eligible? 

The Hallelujah contest accepts Jewish singers ages 18 to 30 coming from all over the world. Hundreds of talented, Jewish singers from all over the globe will submit their videos. Those selected by the judges will be invited to Israel to participate in the Hallelujah program.

The Audition Process 


Stage One  

All auditions must be sent until a date that will be noticed ahead. After receiving all the applications, the Hallelujah team of judges will evaluate the videos and choose 100 candidates.

Stage Two  

The 100 candidates which are chosen will receive a notification confirming they passed to the second stage of the selection process and must submit a second audition, this time of a song in Hebrew chosen from the Hallelujah song list. The audition must be uploaded to YouTube and they must send the html link by email to

The applicants who reached this stage should begin preparing for a 20 day trip to Israel, since they will have a 40% chance to be among the 30 contestants (for more details, look at the Hallelujah program schedule). Those who are unable to travel must inform us at this point.


The Hallelujah Team of Judges will choose 30 contestants which will be notified about their acceptance into the program and will be sent an invitation to come to Israel. They must send us their selection of 3 songs chosen among the song list according to their order of preference (1st, 2nd, 3rd). The participants are responsible for ordering their ticket to Israel on the designated date. The program costs (board, meals and program travels) are covered by Hallelujah.

The Contest in Israel



The Hallelujah team will choose one of the 3 songs from each contestant’s selection and prepare a musical arrangement for them in advance. When the contestants arrive to Israel, they will begin rehearsals with the Hallelujah musical staff.

In one of two contests called "On the Way to the Finals", they will perform this song live in front of a crowd and of the team of judges. They will receive a score that will determine if they become one of the 12 participants of the final contest. Meanwhile, they will also choose, together with the Hallelujah staff, the song that they will record if they win the first prize in the final contest.


The Final

At the final contest, broadcast on national TV,  18 contestants will perform together on stage the Hallelujah Anthems, while the 12 finalists will perform separately their chosen songs.

The Hallelujah team of judges will choose 3 finalists from the 12 final contestants. The second and third place will win a cash prize and the first place and winner of the contest will win a cash prize and a recording of their very own single (recorded in Israel right after the final contest).


The contest took place in France & Mexico during November 2014.
The upcoming Hallelujah program will take place in Israel in July-August 2015. From the 2013 Local Contest in Ukraine The North America Contest that was in LA, the winners of the contests in Mexico & France and the online auditions received, the Hallelujah Team of Judges have chosen  singers  to participate in the Hallelujah 2015 contest in Israel.