Volunteer Teams

Artistic Council

  • Yehoram Gaon - Yehoram Gaon is the Chairman of the Artistic Council of Hallelujah and of the Meitar Asociation. He is also the Israeli Prize Laureate for Music.
  • Yehuda Eder - President of Rimon School of music
  • Yair Shragai - Musician and Musical Producer


Public Council 

  • Tzahi Gavrieli Adv.- Co-founder of Hallelujah. Mr. Gavrieli was advisor for former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Binymin Netanyahu and partner in the establishment of MASA-Israel Journey.
  • Ministry of culture and sport
  • Rimon school of music
  • Malka Shvadron - Director of Meitar and Leading guide at Beit Hatfutsot, the Museum of the Jewish People
  •  Taglit Birthright Israel
  •  IDF Education Corps
  •  Masa Israel
  •  NATIV
  •  Jewish Agency for Israel
  •  Ministry for Foreign Affairs
  • Lior Horev. Adv - Legal Advisor
  • Guy Seemann - Youth Strategic Advisor
  • Boris Schindler - Russian Speakers Advisor
The contest took place in France & Mexico during November 2014.
The upcoming Hallelujah program will take place in Israel in July-August 2015. From the 2013 Local Contest in Ukraine The North America Contest that was in LA, the winners of the contests in Mexico & France and the online auditions received, the Hallelujah Team of Judges have chosen  singers  to participate in the Hallelujah 2015 contest in Israel.