Global Singing Contest for Jewish Youth

Founded by: - Eitan Gafni


In association with “Meitar – Association for fostering Hebrew songs among the Jewish People” (hereinafter “Meitar”)

Production and Organization: “Mate Shir Israeli Ltd.” (Hereinafter “The Company” or “The Production”)


 Terms & Conditions


  1. The global singing contest, “Hallelujah”, will be held and administered in accordance with     these Terms & Conditions, binding all participants and those who were nominated by an authorized entity to act on its behalf and to perform in the framework of Hallelujah.
  2. These terms and conditions were originally written in Hebrew. In the event these Terms & Conditions are translated to any language, the original Hebrew version shall prevail.
  3. In the Terms & Conditions in the Hebrew language: use of masculine gender pronouns - also applies to the female gender.
  4. The term “Terms & Conditions” applies to: The entirety of this document including those appendices, which will be noted hereinafter as an integral part of this document, and all changes applied lawfully.
  5. “The Project” or “Project Hallelujah” is: A global singing contest for Jewish youth in accordance with these Terms & Conditions.



Part A: General


1.A. The contest according to the project, will take place in Israel, in a time and manner determined by The Production, which is entitled to establish - by itself or together with Meitar - associations, organizations, consulting committees and various operations such as (but not limited to and not forced to):

1)      Executive Council

2)      Artistic Council - can advise on all matters relating to artistic activity of The Project

3)      Public Council - can advise on all social/public matters of The Project.

Appoint Chairmen to all or part of those councils.


  1. Until legally decided otherwise, these Terms & Conditions shall apply - mutatis mutandis - as the case may be - also for future years to come following the date of initial publication. However, the Production will not be binding by or be held as a precedent for any detail in the context of decisions/execution/incidents which take place in any other year or regarding any other decisions and/or execution and/or incident.


2.A. So as not to diminish from the rights of Eitan Gafni as initiator, founder, developer, and owner of all rights with regard to The Project, and also so as not to impose any personal liability, The Company, as the operator, the organizer, and the producer, will handle all administrative matters of Project Hallelujah and its production and bear any responsibility for The Project to all matters involved and/or arising as a result. The Production also retains, in advance, all rights associated with The Project and/or resulting thereof.


  1.   Without derogating from the provisions of subsection 2a (above), The Production can occasionally and/or on an ongoing basis, outsource to external bodies, organizations or persons for promotion, management, and for the efficiency of The Project.


  1. 3.    Nothing in these Terms & Conditions, either said or implied, can prevent The Production or restrict it, from the addition and/or recruitment of donors, partners, members, sponsors, and anyone taking part in the Contest, at the discretion of The Production and in the form and manner in which The Production sees fit.


     Part B: Public, Designated, and Significant Aspects


1.A. Those who will be allowed to take part in The “Project Hallelujah”, must meet all the accumulated criteria which follows:

1)      Have not participated in any previous semifinal “Hallelujah” Contest in Israel;

2)      Must be Jewish:

*        Regarding this condition, a participant will be defined as Jewish if so he appears as a Jew by the Jewish community/organization/institution on its behalf he is participating in the contest as described here and after.

*        If a person presented his candidacy independently without sponsorship of a community/organization/institution as stated, The Production is entitled to decide on the status of Judaism at its discretion and with regard for these Terms & Conditions and its essence.

*        A Jewish community/organization/institution is determined as “Jewish” by The Production.

3)      Anyone who, at the time determined as the final contest (as defined and described further on), has reached the age of 18 and has not passed the age of 30 during said time.

  1.  There is nothing written in sub-section A above that detracts from The Production’s right to decide about the participation of these or other candidates to take part in the Hallelujah Contest and to determine any rules and conditions of such participation, all in accordance to the spirit of these Terms & Conditions, provided that any such candidate did not take part in the past in any other Hallelujah Contest, is between the ages of 18 to30, and also is Jewish, an Israeli citizen, and a permanent resident of Israel, everything in accordance with the laws of the State of Israel.


2.A. Every candidate, according to paragraph 1.A., will be under these Terms & Conditions including inter alia Chapter 3 further on. Those who meet the conditions stated in section 1.A. will also be required, as a condition for their participation, to each of the following conditions:

1). An independent candidate, namely a candidate who is not represented by a community /organization/ institution, must inform the Production of thus and will have to send an application for candidacy described in Appendix A (attached to these regulations and as an integral part thereof.) and will also have to attach a Health Declaration as described in Appendix D (attached to these Terms & Conditions and as an integral part thereof).

2). A candidate who represents a community / organization / institution will operate as stated above in sub-paragraph 1) , shall inform in details the fact that he is being represented by such community / organization / institution  and will also attach Appendix B (attached to these Terms & Conditions and as an integral part thereof), which must be signed properly by such community / organization / institution.

3). Any independent candidate and any community / organization / institution which send a candidate |, shall indicate clearly if the candidate himself or if the community / organization / institution will bear the candidate’s flight expenses to Israel and back. A candidate shall make note of such in his Final Consent Form Appendix C (attached to these Terms & Conditions and as an integral part thereof.) while community / organizations / institutions will do so as a part of their plea for candidacy (Appendix B).

4). Together with the application, Appendix A, The Production must also receive:

An audio/visual performance of any song chosen and performed by the candidate himself in accompaniment of an instrument - guitar, accordion or piano, in a non-concert performance, and sung in any language, as seen fit by the candidate, in the form of an accessible and acceptable media outlet, and allowing the recipient to hear the applicant and to watch his appearance. The performance will be between 2.5 and 3.5 minutes in total length, as preferred by the candidate.

5). All this must be done within the time-schedule to be determined by The Production.


  1.  Jewish communities / organizations / institutions are authorized - in coordination with the Production’s approval and pursuant to its terms – to choose a designated performer, by way of a local contest within the community / organization / institution, who will represent them and perform a song within the framework of Hallelujah  — so decided by a community / organization / institution at a local contest as stated above, and they will send The Production a preliminary announcement about the matter and about the results. The Production will try to give preference to such chosen performer, as stated above, in the context of his inclusion in the preliminary contest that will take part in Israel as detailed herein below.
  2.  The conditions set in paragraph B must be met within the timeframe as designated by The Production and its existence does not nullify nor detract from that which is stated in subsection 2.A., above.


3.A. The 30 participants, who will be determined as a result of screening and selection which will be described in Section 1 of Part C below, must arrive at the Ben Gurion airport in Israel no later than the date set by The Production and leave Israel about four weeks later in accordance with the date set by The Production. They must be personally present during the whole contest (both preliminary and final) and perform “their song” in person as described in Part C below, including an alternative song as detailed below.

  1.  Housing in Israel during this time period according to section 3A. above will include: room, board, food, and trips that will be established by The Production, transportation from Ben Gurion Airport to the housing and back, as well as transportation from the housing to the contest performance site, will be provided by The Production—to remove any doubt it is emphasized:

1)      The room, board, food, trips, and transportation, and all other details concerning the stay and housing including the location, type, and quality will be established by The Production.

2)      During their entire stay in Israel, all the Norms of Conduct will apply to each participant and to each community / organization / institution as stated in Appendix E (attached to these Terms & Conditions and as an integral part thereof) and they are, with all their conditions, preliminary conditions to the hospitality and participation in the Hallelujah Contest and to their stay in Israel.



Part C: Screening, Selection, and Artistic Aspects


1.A. The songs which will be performed in the Contest - preliminary and final - will only be in Hebrew songs only; they will be performed only in the Hebrew language; they will be those that merited public hearing/broadcast and commercial recording in the past by others. Each song will be at least 2.5 minutes long and no more than 3.5 minutes.

  1.  Screening and selection, which will take plan before the contests themselves, will be carried out in two stages by the judging panel, which will be determined and appointed as stated in Part D, as follows:

1)      Stage one:

In stage one, the team of judges will determine a list of 100 potential candidates based on the applications, which were filed under subsection 2 Part B, above.


During the Interim phase, following the selection of those 100 potential candidates, The Production shall notify those candidates of their selection. Such potential 100 candidates are then authorized to state their definitive desire to take part in the contest as specified in Appendix C (attached to these Terms & Conditions and as an integral part thereof) and those who agree and would like to participate, must attach the following:

*        A list of 3 songs, ranked in order of priority by the candidate, from the list, as stated in paragraph B, below.

  - Along with –

*        A performance, in Hebrew, of the song which is preferred by the candidate from his list of 3songs as stated above. Performance and submission of such songs will be ruled by the principles mentioned in paragraph 2.A.4 of Part B, above.



2)      Stage two:

In stage two, the team of judges will select from the submitted applications described in the interim phase, 30 candidates which will compete in the contest in Israel and in Hebrew, throughout preliminary contests and afterwards - as a result – the chosen one will compete in the final contest as detailed below.       

  1.  The production will see to it that a list of songs be prepared beforehand (songs which will be fit to the project under the full discretion of the production), and will be at the disposition of the public in Israel and abroad. The candidate will offer as described in the interim phase mentioned above, three (3) songs from the abovementioned list, specifying his preference and remarking which song he prefers as number one. Such preferred song will be performed by the candidate in Hebrew, as stated above.


  1. Each song will be performed by one singer only (male or female).


  1. The songs will be prepared, presented, and transmitted to The Production within a timeframe determined by The Production.


4.A. The Production - through the judges - is entitled to select and choose (among the candidates who will apply as said in Paragraph 1 in this Part) up to 33 actual future performers of different songs which will take part of the preliminary contest.

A song that was submitted from the outset or that was exchanged for an alternative song, as will be detailed below, will accompany the performer until the final contest all inclusively.

The Production is entitled to determine, at any time, which candidate/performer, will come instead and/or substitute the one who is not able to attend the contest in Israel in the right timeframe for whatever reason. 

  1.  The Project aims to create a contest among performers and this must be deferred from the contest among songs, therefore: : if The Production will receive two (2) or more performances of the same song, or if it will get two (2) offers to perform the same song, The Production will suggest to the “extra” performer as stated, in accordance with the order of receipt and with as much consideration as possible of the three songs that were suggested at the outset by the candidate as alternatives, an alternative song, so that in the contest each song will be performed only one time.

Non-consent to perform and an alternative song, as stated above, may be seen by The Production as immediate and absolute withdrawal of this candidate/performer from the contest. Without any derogation of the above mentioned, it is clarified that The Production is entitled – but not obliged to – offer at any stage to any candidate/performer as it seems deemed to The Production to perform any other song even if it is not included in the list described in paragraphs 1.B. above. The offeree is not obliged to accept such an offer and his refusal to perform it will be taken against him.

  1.  The results of what is mentioned above will be placed by The Production in the preliminary contest between 33 performers/candidates as said. The Production may create a number of groups of songs/performers and set up the preliminary contest in either a parallel or graduated manner, on one day or over time, or that all the performers participating in the preliminary contest, as stated, will be ranked according to the number of points awarded to them by the team of judges.


  1.  In the final contest - in which every performer will perform his song as was performed by him at the preliminary contests as was described above – will participate twelve (12) performers - which were ranked by the team of judges like the first ones (in sequential order) in all the preliminary contests -  will present “their” songs. The names of those chosen for the final contest will be publicized without ranking.

Only the first three (3) performers in first, second, and third place in the final contest will win monetary prizes as established by The Productions

- but –

The Production is entitled to instruct that an “audience favorite” will be chosen and will receive a reward for this. The “audience favorite” will be determined based on technical findings which will be determined by a technical expert who will be appointed for this purpose by The Production according to subsection 1B of Part D – as the winner of the most votes by the general public, who can vote for this purpose through the Internet and / or using cell phones in the form, manner and time and conditions determined by The Production.

  1. The order of the appearance of the participants, whether in the preliminary or final contests, as well as the division into groups for the preliminary contest including the order of appearance of the groups, will be established by The Production.


5.A. Musical accompaniment will be as follows:

In all the contests—preliminary and final equally—each participant will be accompanied by an orchestra/ensemble from The Production which will play a musical arrangement that will be established by the Artistic Council/Production and/or on its behalf.

The participant and/or community / organization / institute which sent him to the contest will not have any rights in connection to the musical arrangement and/or any connection to the playing of the orchestra/musical ensemble.

Notwithstanding the aforementioned, the participant may request at the proper time, that he will accompany himself with additional playing or together with the orchestra/musical ensemble, but The Production is not obligated to fulfill this request. 

  1. At the end of the final contest all the performers/candidates will sing several songs together, as determined by The Production, and will also sing the contest anthem that was established by The Production—unless otherwise decided by The Production. The contest anthem is the song: “ Hallelu Hallelujah


  1. In addition to all the above and after the contest, The Production may instruct that one or more of the three (3) final prize winners, as decided by the team of judges, or the selected “audience favorite” will sing and/or record a Hebrew song chosen by The Production.


It is emphasized that:  The Production is entitled to instruct at any time, about visual and/or audio recordings of the contest and of the participants in any occurrence of rehearsals, introduction, continuation, final, completion, etc. and any part of these—all rights for any kind or sort in connection to any performance, recording, or any part of these components will belong to The Production, which is authorized to use all of these without any limitation and without detracting from the generality of the above said. The Production is authorized to any commercial use at its discretion without any limitations and/or any payment to anyone.


To avoid any doubt : without detracting  from the above said, The Production is also entitled - with no limitation whatsoever -  to use the candidate’s  recordings / performances mentioned in Part B.A.4) of Part B and in Part. 1.B.1) of Part C (at the end of Part C.) for purposes of promoting and carrying out "Hallelujah", including, inter alia, to upload to "YouTube", and\or to  include it in the Hallelujah  website \ Facebook.


Part D: Judgment


1.A. The team of judges will be selected by the chairman of the Artistic Council and this person     will also be the chairman of the team of judges.

  1. The Production is authorized to appoint a person or body to gather and present to it all electronic data (as objective as possible), which reflects the public’s fondness for any performer/candidate and The Production can even determine the method for the public “vote” and the statistical weight of such in relation to the vote made by the team of judges.


2.A. The team of judges will assemble in the place, at the time, in the form, and in the manner that will be established by its chairman in consideration of its tasks outlined in the Terms & Conditions and to the Project’s schedule. The discussion of The Production and the discussion of the team of judges will be closed to the public. 

  1. The members of the team of judges do not have to be members of Meitar or of The Production.
  2. Decisions made by the team of judges, whether as a team or individually, will be kept secret until officially published by The Production as presented by the chairman of the team of judges.


3.A. At the preliminary contest, the team of judges will give each participant/candidate between   one   and ten points—subject to the following in subsection C., the twelve performers who accumulate the most points will enter the final contest.

  1. During the process, each member of the team of judges will keep secret the number of points he awarded according to his judgment, to each performer and will relay his decision in the form and manner that the chairman instructs.
  2. If, during the preliminary contests, it occurs that two performers received an identical number of points, and therefore this will create more theoretical candidates than the twelve stipulated in section 4 D. of Part C. above, then the chairman of the Artistic Council will instruct an immediate gathering of the team of judges which will vote again in order to prevent duplication. There will only be twelve performers (12) in the final contest as stated above in section 4 D. of Part C above.


A similar procedure according to the same stated above, will be enacted as needed in the final contest as well.

Appendix A

Candidate Application


I, the undersigned ____________________________________
                                    (Full name)

                                              (Full address)

                                              (Contact Information)

After thoroughly reading the full content of the “Hallelujah” singing contest thoroughly as they appear on the Hallelujah website on this date or thereafter and after having received any and all information sought out by us (including those representing me on my behalf),
I would like to take part in Project Hallelujah as a participant and have attached herewith my own performance (in compliance with by law requirement)
of the song :__________________________________________

Furthermore, note that:
A. _____ I am an independent candidate on behalf of myself
     _____ I am a candidate, as chosen by ______________________________________
                                                                   (Make sure your selection is marked clearly)

In. I am subjecting myself fully with the rules as stated on all involved and / or results from it.

In witness whereof, I affix my signature


                                     _______________                           _______________
                                                To                                  Signature


I/We the undersigned _____________________________________________, the parent(s)/ guardian(s) of ________________________________________

Confirm the signature above and declare our consent and obligation pertaining to it and as a result of it.

  __________________________________                                    ____________________
                         Signature                                                                             Date

Appendix B                                                                                                                  

Community / Organization / Institution


Consent and Commitment Form


We the undersigned __________________________________ by __________________________
                                   (community/organization/institution)                       (Full name)

                                                                                (Full address)

                                                                         (Contact Information)

 After thoroughly reading the full content of the “Hallelujah” singing contest bylines and after having received any and all information sought out by us (including those representing us on our behalf), hereby announce that:

1. We express our desire to take part in the “Hallelujah” singing contest and are subjected in full to these Terms & Conditions and anything pertaining to or resulting from them.

2. The participant who will appear and perform on our behalf:


3. We will cover/*not cover the flight expenses for the aforementioned to and from Israel.
   (Make sure your selection is marked clearly)


An application on behalf of _______________ the aforementioned (with a performance recording included) as specified in the Terms & Conditions and the forms of the aforementioned.

In witness whereof, I affix my signature on this day ________________

               (Stamp and signature of authorized signatory)


Appendix C                                                                                                               


Final Consent Form


I, the undersigned, ________________________________________________, after having been notified that I was chosen to appear among the candidates competing in the “Hallelujah” contest,
and after having read the “Hallelujah” Terms & Conditions thoroughly on the website, hereby give my full consent to travel to Israel on the dates determined by The Production, participate in singing contests and do my part as a participant/performer as described in the Terms & Conditions, anything resulting thereof. I again declare my full consent to these Terms & Conditions.

A. My preferred songs are as follows and are ranked accordingly :
             1 )__________________________________________
             2 )__________________________________________
             3 )__________________________________________

I have attached an audio/visual performance of myself singing the song I listed in line 1 above as specified in the Terms & Conditions.

B. Furthermore, I have attached my Health Declaration, as integral part of my form and as stated in the Terms & Conditions.

C. I declare that:

__________ I am able to cover the expense of flying to and from Israel by myself or through __________ and will see to it myself.
__________ I cannot cover the expense of flying to and from Israel.
(Make sure your selection is marked clearly)

In witness whereof, I affix my signature

______________________                  ______________________
             Signature                                                    Date








Appendix D

Norms of Conduct for Hallelujah Participants


1. Framework of the project: Creative and artistic activities, social activities, tours and field trips. Participants are required to attend all rehearsals performances, meetings, tours, and other activities.
2. Changes: The Production reserves the right to determine the program and make changes to it from time to time.
3. Presence: The participant agrees to remain in the project from start to finish and to participate in all musical and experiential activities that take place under the project as The Production sees fit.
4. Behavior: Maintaining an adequate behavior according to the guidelines set forth by The Production with an emphasis on being well-mannered, respectful, considerate, and appropriate manner.
5. Rules and Guidelines: Ensuring compliance with all obligations, rights and prohibitions applicable to the participant during his participation in the project: any rules relating to security and safety conduct during his stay in the board provided by the project, or in any other destination within the framework of Hallelujah, during field-trips and in his free time, and during any guidance received by The Production and all those designated by them in association with these matters.
6. Alcohol: Participants are strictly forbidden from consuming alcohol and/or using drugs and/or banned substances as defined by law.
7. Inspections: In the event of suspicion, The Production team will conduct inspections, in the presence of participants, at the beginning of their stay in Israel and periodically check their bags and rooms to enforce compliance with these Norms of Conduct.
8. Dress Code: Participants must dress according to the project dress code. During tours of historic/religious sites participants are obligated to abide by the dress code requested by The Production.
9. Cessation of participation: The Production may stop at any time the participant’s participation in the project if the conditions of the project are not met.
10. Duration of Project: Participants agree to comply with their obligations for 18 days, between their arrival to Israel on 26.7.15 and their departure from Israel on 13.8.15.

Participant Signature

I hereby certify that I have read and understood the foregoing, accept all the conditions and oblige myself to meet them.

Name: ____________________________       Address: __________________________



Signature: __________________________      Date_______________

The contest took place in France & Mexico during November 2014.
The upcoming Hallelujah program will take place in Israel in July-August 2015. From the 2013 Local Contest in Ukraine The North America Contest that was in LA, the winners of the contests in Mexico & France and the online auditions received, the Hallelujah Team of Judges have chosen  singers  to participate in the Hallelujah 2015 contest in Israel.