The 2012 Semi-Finals votes are in

The Hallelujah 2012 Semi-Finals took place on August 2nd in Ramat HaSharon & on August 9th in Migdal Ha'Emek, and the votes are in! All in all the Hallelujah 2012 had so much unbelievable talent and all the contestants were amazing. The judges had a very hard time picking the 12 finalists so they picked 14 instead!


The 14 Hallelujah 2012 Semifinialists are:

Elliot Freeman   Elinor Benhamo
Evan Malach    Alex Dashefsky
Mikhail Mostov    Alla Titievskaya
Polina Zizak    Ashira Hamilton
Dov Hoschander    Lara Labuticheva
Mariia Skaballanovych    Courtney Simmons
Brent Michelle Goodman    Yana Bakhtieva
We will be posting videos of the excellent performances very soon on the official YouTube channel:

Good luck and thank you Hallelujah 2012 team, judges & crew!
The contest took place in France & Mexico during November 2014.
The upcoming Hallelujah program will take place in Israel in July-August 2015. From the 2013 Local Contest in Ukraine The North America Contest that was in LA, the winners of the contests in Mexico & France and the online auditions received, the Hallelujah Team of Judges have chosen  singers  to participate in the Hallelujah 2015 contest in Israel.